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Changyang Town (长阳镇, Hanyu Pinyin: Changyang Zhen) is a town in Beijing's Fangshan District. It lies especially close to the boundaries with Fengtai District and Daxing District.


50,000 people inhabit Changyang, spread over 98.6 square kilometres, governed by 40 administrative townships.


Changyang originally was named Guangyangjun (广阳郡). The town used to be importance to the Imperial Family, as it was on a path which the Emperor had to pass by when leaving Beijing, heading south.


Changyang can be accessed by Exit No. 11 on the Jingshi Expressway and by Exit No. 26 on the southwestern 6th Ring Road. The Jingzhou, Jingliang and Jingbao Highways all run through Changyang. The Jingjiu, Jingguang and Lianghuang Railways all pass through the town.