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Beijing's city express roads (城市快速路, Hanyu Pinyin: Chengshi Kuaisu Lu) are a mix between expressways and trunk roads. The concept here is to create a "mini-expressway" inside urban or central Beijing, but at the same time avoid creating a costly, full-blown expressway.

The main difference between a city express road (CER) and a trunk road (TR) is that a CER is free of traffic lights and at-level crossings. TRs, however, have at-level intersections, some with traffic lights.

A slightly higher speed limit (80 km/h instead of 70 km/h) applies on CERs. On TRs, the maximum speed limit is 70 km/h.

The three inner ring roads (i.e. all ring roads except for the 5th and 6th Ring Roads) are classified as CERs. There is also a single toll CER -- the Jingtong Expressway. The 5th Ring Road, despite removal of tolls, is still considered an expressway since it has a provencial-level expressway designation of S50.

Opened City Express Roads[]

(List is not complete)

City Express Roads Under Construction[]

City Express Roads Under Projection[]

Possible City Express Roads[]

Beijing City Express Roads
Opened City Express Roads: Radial: Northeastern Link | Jingcheng Link (Taiyanggong Bridge - Wanghe Bridge) | Lianhuachi (Lianhuachi East and West, Lianshi East and West) | Xizhimen Outer Street | Fengbei Road (opening Dec 2005)

Circular: 2nd Ring Road | 3rd Ring Road | 4th Ring Road

City Express Roads under construction: Jingcheng Link (Wanghe Bridge - Taiyanggong Bridge) | Tonghui Link | Puhuangyu Road
Projected City Express Roads: Yaojiayuan Road | Fushi Road | Xueyuan Road (4th Ring Road - 5th Ring Road)