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Dongsishitiao Bridge (March 2005 image)

Dongshishitiao Bridge (东四十条桥) is a bridge in eastern central Beijing. It sits on the eastern 2nd Ring Road.

Construction of the bridge took place in the early 1980s.

The bridge connects Dongsi 10th Street and Gongrentiyuchang North Road together with the eastern stretch of the 2nd Ring Road.

It is 800 metres south of Dongzhimen Bridge and 1 kilometre north of Chaoyangmen Bridge.

Underneath the bridge runs Beijing Metro Line 2, with a stop at all four edges of the bridge (northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast).

The Swissôtel Beijing is to the southeast end of the bridge.

Dongzhimen Bridge
(East 2nd Ring Road)

Poly Plaza

(Dongsi 10th Street)
Dongsishitiao Bridge

Chaoyangmen Bridge
(East 2nd Ring Road)
Swissôtel Beijing