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Jingliang Roundabout (June 2005 image)

Jingliang Roundabout (京良环岛, Hanyu Pinyin: Jingliang Huandao) is a roundabout in southwestern suburban Beijing. It sits on China National Highway 107.

The roundabout links to four major roads in the region and is an important node.

To the west of the roundabout is a connection to exit number 11 on the Jingshi Expressway (Changyang, Daxing exit). To the east is a connection to Jingliang Road, which ultimately ends up (in 24 km) on the southern stretch of the 3rd Ring Road.

There is a low-quality road link to central Beijing via Zhoukoudian Road, which leaves to the north. Jingzhou Road links to the south and has been recently improved.

Zhoukoudian Road

Link to Jingshi Expressway
(Exit No. 11)
Jingliang Roundabout

Jingzhou Road
(China National Highway 107)