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Jingtong Expressway Road Conditions
Roadworks at Beiyuan, Tongzhou. Use Ximazhuang exit instead. Minor roadworks east of Yuantong Bridge for traffic heading into central Beijing.
Jingtong Expressway
Jīngtōng Kuaisùlù
Road Numbering
Length 17 km
Route by political divisions Beijing
Termini Dawang Bridge, Beijing
Ximazhuang and Baliqiao, Tongzhou
Exits 8
Service areas 0

The Jingtong Expressway (Hanyu Pinyin: Jingtong Kuaisu Gonglu) is an expressway with express road characteristics in Beijing, China which links central Beijing to Tongzhou District. At present, it is approximately 14 km in length.

The Jingtong Expressway gets its name by the combination of two one-character Chinese abbreviations of both Beijing and Tongzhou (Beijing -- Jing, Tongzhou -- Tong).


The Jingtong Expressway runs entirely within the confines of the municipality of Beijing.

Basic Route: Beijing (Dawang Bridge - Sihui - Gaobeidian - Shuangqiao - Huicun - Tongzhou District)

Status: The Beijing portion is complete in its entirety.

Note: The expressway is shown on maps in Beijing to link directly and seamlessly with the Jingha Expressway. This, though, is not the case in reality. Instead, several kilometres of non-expressway separate the two expressways after the main toll gate at Ximazhuang, as you enter Tongzhou. (There is another toll gate at Balidian, which takes you straight into central Tongzhou; however, it won't be directly hooked up with the Jingha expressway).


The expressway was opened in the mid-1990s from Dawang Bridge through to Tongzhou District.

At around the same time the previous Tong County was upgraded to Tongzhou District, an expressway was built to accelerate the 17 km journey from Dabeiyao on the Eastern 3rd Ring Road, site of the China World Trade Centre, to the newly renamed Tongzhou district. This expressway, known as the Jingtong Expressway, connects metropolitain Beijing with Tongzhou District.

Its construction was of great importance as it quickly sped development in eastern Beijing. The road "urbanised" suburban Tongzhou, bringing with it a steady influx of real estate projects (in particular of note).

In December 2004, a plan was unveiled to local media to interlink the 2.5 km of non-expressway between the Jingtong and Jingha expressways with an express road connection, eliminating traffic bottlenecks between Ximazhuang and Beiguan Roundabout.

Road Conditions[]

Speed Limit[]

80 km/h between Dawang Bridge and Gaobeidian (60 km/h at times) and also between Huicun and Ximazhuang (only if heading for Shanhaiguan); otherwise, 100 km/h.


Tolls apply for the stretch Shuangqiao - Tongzhou.
Caveat emptor: All destinations are charged a uniform CNY 10 rate from the Ximazhuang and Balidian toll gates if heading into Beijing!


6 lanes (3 up, 3 down) generally; beginning in central Beijing is wider, ending in Tongzhou District is narrower.

Surface Conditions[]

Recently repaired sections are excellent; otherwise fair.


Relatively good, although could be clogged up at times.

Major Exits[]

Sihui, Gaobeidian, Shuangqiao, Huicun, Tongzhou District

Service Areas[]

This express road does not have any service areas.


Ring Roads of Beijing: Connects with the E. 4th Ring Road at Sihui and the E. 5th Ring Road at Yuantong Bridge.

Jingha Expressway: Section heading for Shanhaiguan links with Jingha Expressway after the Tongzhou Beiguan Roundabout.


Symbols: ExitR.png = exit (NoAccess.png = closed), Interchange.png = main interchange; TollGate.png = central toll gate; ServiceArea.png = service area

Dawang Bridge → Tongzhou[]

Exit # English/Pinyin Name (Bridge) Chinese Name (Bridge)
Interchange.png 1 Airport Expressway, Jingjintang Expressway (Sihui Bridge)
(Interchange with the eastern 4th Ring Road)
机场高速, 京津塘高速 (四惠桥)
ExitR.png Gaobeidian (Gaobeidian Bridge) 高碑店 (高碑店桥)
Interchange.png 5th Ring Road (Yuantong Bridge)
(Interchange with the eastern 5th Ring Road)
五环路 (远通桥)
ExitR.png Shuangqiao (Shuangqiao Bridge) 双桥(双桥桥)
ExitR.png Shuangqiao East Road (Shuanghui Bridge) 双桥东路 (双汇桥)
Interchange.png Shanhaiguan, Tongzhou District (Chaotong Bridge) 山海关, 通州 (朝通桥)
TollGate.png Ximazhuang (Shanhaiguan direction)
Balidian (Tongzhou direction)
西马庄收费站 (山海关方向)
八里店收费站 (通州方向)

Tongzhou → Dawang Bridge[]

Exit # English/Pinyin Name (Bridge) Chinese Name (Bridge)
TollGate.png Ximazhuang (from Shanhaiguan direction)
Balidian (from Tongzhou direction)
西马庄收费站 (来自山海关方向)
八里店收费站 (来自通州方向)
ExitR.png Shuangqiao East Road (Shuanghui Bridge) 双桥东路 (双汇桥)
ExitR.png Shuangqiao (Shuangqiao Bridge) 双桥 (双桥桥)
Interchange.png 5th Ring Road (Yuantong Bridge)
(Interchange with the eastern 5th Ring Road)
五环路 (远通桥)
ExitR.png Gaobeidian (Gaobeidian Bridge) 高碑店 (高碑店桥)
Interchange.png 4th Ring Road (Sihui Bridge)
(Interchange with the eastern 4th Ring Road)
四环路 (四惠桥)
ExitR.png Hongmiao, Dawang Road (Dawang Bridge) 红庙, 大望路 (大望桥)

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