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Liangxiang Town (良乡镇), also known as Liangxiang Satellite Town (良乡卫星镇), is in Fangshan District, situated to the southwest of central Beijing. Its history dates back to the Qin Dynasty, where a county was constructed in its region.

Liangxiang is the seat of the government of Fangshan District and is the principal political, cultural and commercial centre.


Liangxiang County merged with Fangshan County in 1958. After the merger, Liangxiang itself became a Town.

On January 24, 2002, Liangxiang Town merged with Guandao Town nearby to create the new Liangxiang Town.


Liangxiang lies to the southwest of Beijing, around 20 km away from central Beijing.


Covering an area of 69.2 square kilometres, Liangxiang is home to 112,000 people, and is comprised of 40 administrative townships and 28 community districts.


The Jingshi Expressway has an exit to Liangxiang and Liangxiang Airport at exit number 12 leaving Beijing. Exit number 14A connects to Liangxiang for incoming traffic.

The Jingbao Highway (China National Highway 107) and Jingzhou Road run through Liangxiang.

There are two exits on the 6th Ring Road connecting to Liangxiang (exits number 27 and 31).