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Lianshi East Road Conditions
No traffic hinderances on this road.

Lianshi East Road

Lianshi East Road (莲石东路, Lianshi Dong Lu) currently is a 4 km long city express road in Beijing. It starts from the western 4th Ring Road at Nanshawo Bridge and stretches into the western 5th Ring Road at Yamenkou Bridge.

It connects to Lianhuachi West Road leading to the Beijing West Railway Station to the east and to Lianshi West Road heading into Shijingshan and Mentougou to the west.


  • Route: South Shawo Bridge (Western 4th Ring Road) - Yamenkou Bridge (Western 5th Ring Road)
  • Length: 5 km
  • Construction: Began in 2004, completed on October 15, 2005
  • Opened: October 15, 2005


  • Speed limit: 80 km/h throughout
  • Speed checks: None

This part of the extended Lianhuachi West Road is extremely straight (apart from the section near Yamenkou Bridge). As a result, it is easy for drivers to speed on this part of the express road.

The slip roads leading to the 4th Ring Road are very short. When the road opened on October 15, 2005, tyre marks could be observed just west of Nanshawo Bridge, as cars headed for the 4th Ring Road braked just short of the tiny inlet. By late October, new signs were put into place 400, 300 and 200 meters west of the bridge, which solved the problem.


Traffic leaving Beijing is considerably lighter on this part of the extended Lianhuachi West Road. Traffic into Beijing is even lighter.


Symbols: ExitR.png = exit (NoAccess.png = closed), Interchange.png = main interchange

Exit # English/Pinyin Name (Bridge) Chinese Name (Bridge)
Interchange.png 4th Ring Road (Nanshawo Bridge) 四环路 (南沙窝桥)
ExitR.png (Qingta Bridge) (青塔桥)
ExitR.png (Lianyu Bridge) (莲玉桥)
ExitR.png (Lianfang East Bridge) (莲芳东桥)
ExitR.png (Lianfang Bridge) (莲芳桥)
Interchange.png 5th Ring Road (Yamenkou Bridge) 五环路 (衙门口桥)

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