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Line 13 is part of the Beijing Subway network, and is also known as the CityRail Line. Most of the line is above ground, with some sections elevated several metres above street level. It runs between Xizhimen and Dongzhimen, forming a loop that serves the Northern suburbs of the city. Line 13 connects to Line 2 at Xizhimen and Dongzhimen.

Line 13 was opened in two sections; the western section between Xizhimen and Huoying was opened on September 28, 2002, and the eastern section from Huoying to Dongzhimen was opened on January 28, 2003. Despite its number, it was in fact only the third line of the Beijing Subway to open to the public.

This line is the first line to use automatic ticket controls, which will eventually be introduced to the entire Beijing subway network. Tickets cost 3 RMB for journeys that are entirely on Line 13, or 5RMB for journeys that also include Line 1 and/or Line 2.


  • Xizhimen (interchange to Line 2)
  • Dazhongsi
  • Zhichunlu
  • Wudaokou
  • Shangdi
  • Xierqi
  • Longze
  • Huilongguan
  • Huoying
  • Lishuiqiao
  • Beiyuan
  • Wangjingxi
  • Shaoyaoju
  • Guangximen
  • Liufang
  • Dongzhimen (interchange to Line 2)

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