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Line 1 of the Beijing subway runs from Pingguoyuan in the west through to Sihui East in the east. It is the longest east-west subway line in Beijing.

It runs through beneath the extended Chang'an Avenue and through the commercialised areas of Xidan, Wangfujing and Dongdan.

Two stops on either side of Tian'anmen make this line the only line that runs through the core of Beijing.


Pingguoyuan - Gongzhufen - Fuxingmen - Tiananmen - Jianguomen - Sihui East


The western part of Line 1 formed part of the first underground rail in Beijing. The line was extended to Xidan in 1994, and to Sihui East by September 1999. Due to technical reasons, through traffic from Pingguoyuan through to Sihui East was only able to flow on June 28, 2000. In 2003, the Sihui and Sihui East stations were linked with the Batong Line.


Lines 1 and 2: CNY 3
Lines 1, 2 and 13: CNY 5
Lines 1, 2 and Batong: CNY 4

Major Stations and Junctions[]

Major Stations: Pingguoyuan, Gongzhufen, Fuxingmen, Xidan, Tian'anmen West and East, Wangfujing, Dongdan, Jianguomen, Guomao, Sihui and Sihui East.
Junctions: Fuxingmen and Jianguomen.

List of Stations[]

[From west to east]

  • Pingguoyuan 苹果园 (Apple Garden)
  • Guchenglu 古城路 (Road of the Old City)
  • Bajiao Amusement Park 八角游乐园
  • Babaoshan 八宝山 (Mountain of Eight Treasures)
  • Yuquanlu 玉泉路
  • Wukesong 五棵松 (Five Pines)
  • Wanshoulu 万寿路
  • Gongzhufen 公主坟
  • Junshibowuguan 军事博物馆 (name is broadcast as "The Military Museum")
  • Muxidi 木樨地
  • Nanlishilu 南礼士路
  • Fuxingmen 复兴门 (Gate of Revival, interchange to Line 2)
  • Xidan 西单 (station is close to the major Xidan shopping complexes)
  • Tian'anmen West 天安门西
  • Tian'anmen East 天安门东
  • Wangfujing 王府井 (station is close to Wangfujing Shopping Street and Oriental Plaza)
  • Dongdan 东单 (will be linked with Line 5)
  • Jianguomen 建国门 (interchange to Line 2)
  • Yong'anli 永安里
  • Guomao 国贸 (China World Trade Centre; name is broadcast as "The International Trade Centre")
  • Dawanglu 大望路
  • Sihui 四惠 (interchange to Batong Line)
  • Sihui East 四惠东 (interchange to Batong Line)