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Zizhu Bridge complex (March 2005 image)

Zizhu Bridge (紫竹桥) is a bridge in western central Beijing. It sits on the western 3rd Ring Road.

The bridge was first constructed in the mid-1990s. At first, the design was relatively simple: a simple flyover on the western 3rd Ring Road, where the east-west road was suspended over the ring road, running from north to south.

In the early 2000s, however, it received a major overhaul. Two massive "flyover" bridges, which flew a curve 90 degrees either way, connected the path from the western 4th Ring Road to the southern stretch of the western 3rd Ring Road, and the path from Xizhimen to the northern stretch of the western 3rd Ring Road. This "midair flying", however, received a number of complaints from local drivers, who argued that the two "flyover" bridges flew the wrong way! The two "flyover" bridges are less used than the original bridges. No lorries or buses are allowed on fragile "flyover" bridges.

Speed trap[]

The speed limit for the two "flyover bridges" is 30 km/h, valid for the entire journey on the flyover bridges. There is a notorious speed trap on the flyover bridges. Some local drivers have been known to have been fined for up to 19 times. Speeding costs CNY 200 and will result in 3 points being recorded. [1]

Weigong Bridge
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Zizhu Bridge

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